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* Historical report *


* Part of a report, did it by Graciela Lira, reporter of "La Tecnica del Frio", on march of 1998:

"The Antarco trajectory at the manufacture of the most complete line of familiar refrigeration, comercial refrigeration and refrigerating iron chambers, run in a equal form with the way that his creator, Sebastian Orlando Brero (one of the cold industries pioneer), proposed to himself.

Today, that constant advanced searching new perspective, is established with the presence of his sun, Juan Orlando Brero, in the company management; supporting the familiar profile.

In the interview that "La tecnica del frio" had with both managers, Sebastian said that in 1946 he was working as a car mechanic, when the Siam company started the searching of a mechanic to capacitate them in the refrigeration theme. So was on these way that Brero was connected with this proffesion and with the cold industries, a proffesion that he wouldn´t leave in his eighty years old.

His restless and progressive soul took him to intent new ways, so in 1955, he decided to work on a independent form and builted a supply house of refrigeration, which didn´t run like he was waiting.

However, opposed to that adversity, he knew to capitalize his experience as a mechanic and merchant and could detect which were the things that needed inmediate solution.

In 1958 started, in a little workshop, to manufacture receiver tubes and bases for open equipments of refrigeration, that he sold to others supply houses. After that, first he started to manufacture iron for the Siam and Zephir familiar line, and then for the Siam Assa comercial line. They were extending to other brands for comercial line and refrigerating iron chambers, all injected by pressure.

When we asked to Juan Brero: " When did you start in the bussines? ", he don´t remember very well. Although the first image that come to his mind are some summer afternoons when he stayed helping his father.

The selection of the company name bring other anecdote too. Sebastian says that he thought it was correct to choose a name that evoke the Antartida, and chose Antartida. But when he went to register it, they didn´t acept it. Searching a new solution, he quickly thought in his nickname, Coco, and add to Antar the syllable co, making Antarco, which was finally acepted.

Diametrically the things were changing........."